Happy Valentine's Week & create your moments together!

Happy ScoopJet Valentine's Week, just do it together like Emma & Jonas in our following story and create your own special Valentine's Week day trip and explore something together.
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It was Valentine's Day and Emma and Jonas didn't have much time to plan anything special. But then they remembered that Winterberg was only a two-hour drive away and that they hadn't been sledding in the snow for a long time. They decided to spontaneously spend a day in the snow and celebrate Valentine's Day in a slightly different way. They quickly packed their backpacks and ScoopJets and headed out.
When they arrived in Winterberg, the joy was great. The snow was beautiful and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. They made their way to the slope and began their carving-sledding adventure. The snow crunched under their sleds and they screamed with joy as they raced down the slope. They felt like kids again, free and carefree, with no worries or problems. They found a perfect place to take a break and have a picnic. They sat on a blanket in the snow and enjoyed some hot chocolate and cookies. As they sat on the hill enjoying the view, they reminisced about all the wonderful times they had spent together and talked about how much they meant to each other. They decided that in the future they should make spontaneous trips like this more often to take time for each other and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
The day passed far too quickly, but they returned feeling content and grateful. This was one of the best Valentine's Days they had spent together. Emma and Jonas realized that sometimes it's not about expensive gifts or elaborate plans, but about spending time together and enjoying the moment.
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