New ScoopJet Flagship Store // Next level started in Germany / Metropolis Ruhr / Bochum

Hurray, the wintersports season's final began with the ScoopJet Flagship Store opening in one of the largest metropolises in Europe.

The Winterberg registered company has set a new milestone to get close to the customer group. With the new ScoopJet Flagship Store the "New Perspectives Experience Showroom" started downtown in Bochum to open up revolutionary new persepectives to the 6 million passers-by of the Huestraße, measured annually at the location. They can now examine the innovative ScoopJet "SpeedCarver" and be advised by the technical personnel to the "next revolution after the snowboard". (Headline "Kleine Zeitung", Austrian Alps)  

We were very pleased about the interest of the broad age group! From families to best-agers, there was an attentive interest for the unique advantages of the new sports tool "SpeedCarver".

In the second quarter there will be seasonal exciting complementary offers, we will keep you informed or just drop by.

We like to emphazise, that we are gratful for the support from City of Winterberg, City of Bochum, Ski resorts Grebenzen/St. Lambrecht, Mein Homber/Winterberg and our families & friends!

We would love to meet you soon at one of our upcoming events.

Keyword: (Snow)Sports365 :-)

Stay tuned.

Fresh regards from your ScoopJet Team